Moving from TFVC to Git

I’ve had to move a few projects now and it’s pretty straight forward if you don’t want to carry over work item history. If you do then this is possible to pull over, but you might be better to use git-tfs, as opposed to git-tf.

I’m using git-tf in this example (git-tf-

First for convenience i set the PATH


Then create a new folder and use git-tf to pull down your TFS VC chagne history into a Git report like so

git-tf clone $/MyProject/solOARS D:\SOURCE\Repos\OARS –deep

The “–deep” flag above is what pulls down the whole history, without it you just get one commit with the latest version. You’ll get prompted for the credentials, in this example I’m using VSO, so you will need a set of basic auth creds (


Then you’ve get some output like the following to know its working and done.

Cloning $/MyProject/solOARS into D:\SOURCE\Repos\OARS\solOARS: 19%,
Cloned 13 changesets. Cloned last changeset 1332 as 1c1cf84

Once this is done you can add the existing Repo to VS


Then check if the history is there on your local by the following

click Branches


Right click on master and click view history


And you should see a commit for every check in that is in you history


Once this is confirm you can go back and then go to Sync

You’ll get prompted here to input the address of your Repo, just throw it in and away you go.


Once this is done you will be able to see the history come through on your repo, in my case its a TFS-Git repo


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